From the Universe

I am back! I decided it’s time to continue this project. So – to start – I have 2 things to share today:

1 – I receive daily notes from the Universe. I will write a detailed entry on my thoughts on the Universe later, but had to share below because to me, its the best news I have received in a while.

2 – I have to share what I am listening to these days on my lunch walks and in the gym. Again – more on these interviews later – but highly recommend them if you are looking to be a better partner, single person searching, business person, etc.

More later,

True, Janine, it’s not always easy to imagine places you’ve never been but dream of going; owning things you’ve never had but dream of having; and being the type of person you’ve never been but aspire to be. But it is easy to imagine the after-party. With best friends and family in the swankiest club you know while your favorite music plays. Proposing toasts, receiving toasts, crying happy tears. Getting hugs, hearing congratulations, leading the conga-line. And otherwise carrying on as you do when you’re feeling light as a feather and all the world makes sense.

And that should pretty much do it.

The Universe



Moving on

When people say that you need to move on, it sounds so simple

As if all you need to do is get in the car and drive to another city

Just move on

Just walk from here to there

But in reality, moving on is so very hard

It requires inner strength and discipline

Something most of us don’t have anyway, so where get it now?

It means saying good bye to feelings that you may still carry inside

Feelings that took a long time to manifest themselves cannot be shed so instantly

It involves forgetting, especially all the beautiful moments

But how can we do turn off our thoughts?

And moving on usually is a sole venture

But who looks forward to travelling alone?

So tell me, how should I move on?