Looking for Enchantment

Last week was challenging at work. One of those where it was less about the daily operation and so much about human relationships. But now, looking back, and as I prepare myself for a new one, I find the highlights that will motivate me and give me energy. I finished Enchantment, a quick read that was a final push to get this blog started. I enjoyed the concise, tell-me-what-to-do style. Focus is partially on business owners but also has good tips for us working for a boss. “Drop everything and do what your boss asks” – love this. It’s not about getting on good terms with him, but to demonstrate that you are focused, enthusiastic and get things done. I try this daily and enjoy when my followers do so too.  Then, my company opened its 54th store,  only 10 minutes from my house. (Convenient for me because I really love shopping there.) I attended the Opening Preview Party, met many people from work and ran into a former professor from SMU. I find it wonderful to meet people from the past and I am excited to see the doors this unexpected encounter may open.

On Friday I decided to leave the week with a positive action. I left a note for the company president with her assistant. Why? We spend an hour together when I first started there – to get to know each other, to connect, and to share my initial expressions and her many years of experience. We graduated from the same university and she had mentioned that she would like to visit the DC soon. So, I used my encounter with my professor at the store opening, a few other thoughts and this action item she proposed as an opportunity to reconnect. I wrote a note and attached it to a ThankYou card friends of mine had written me for a company coupon I had sent them. It is so easy to get into a daily rut at work and only worry about our little world of responsibility. But every time we meet new people and have interaction, we have an opportunity to plant seeds which can grow, if we feed them some water once in a while. I think we are often so afraid – to say the wrong thing, to not matter to anyone, or just to get into some kind of mess that may end up in HR. But meeting new people at work, even forming friendships is important. Guy recommends it as part of Enchantment.  It makes going to work much easier and we just don’t feel so lonely anymore. So, let’s look for some small seeds to plant this week that may lead into something bigger, as big as a friendship. Wouldn’t that be great?