The Resident Dating Life

Yesterday evening I went to see Kathryn Alice speak, a famous dating coach who has made a business out of helping people find their soulmate. I am fascinated with her work because it sounds all so simple. I love simple things.  A summary of the evening:

  • The room was 95% women. Nice women. All looking for the one. I wanted to hug them all.DSC_2995
  • She dedicated 1.5 hours to us, however most of the time she made us work. She gave us group activities such as speaking about what we are looking for in our soulmate, what our beliefs are about ourselves, etc.
  • She lectured very little. Her power point didn’t have more than 10 slides.
  • She did well advertising her books and CDs and her “regular fees” which range in the 000000000s (oops, stuck key)
  • She made a soul call meditation which I liked most. Felt great afterwards.
  • Bought a copy of her book and she signed it for me. $15 investment. Cheaper on Amazon but I wanted to support the bookstore that put the event on for free.

So – The resident is dating. This tagline alone deserves sentence after sentence of explanation and clarification. In honor of your time I will summarize: I am “out there” looking for a long term relationship (LTR). And I decided to document my experiences. Some of them are too funny to keep to my small circle of friends. Others are valuable and I want to pass them on to other daters. I predict that there will be several posts about dating in the coming weeks and months (I hope not years) as I made it a priority to find “the one.”

I started “full-time” in July. What does that mean? I began to dedicate a significant portion of my free time to reading about the topic, refining my online profiles (yes, several) and meeting people. Here is the first lesson I learned.

  • Patience. It takes longer than I thought.




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