July Favorites

Here is a laundry list of people, experiences, readings, videos, tidbits, etc that occupied my mind during July. I hope you find some of them as enriching as I did:

  • Re-reading this because she portrays the challenges of immigrating and making a living in this country so vividly.
  • Highly recommend this wonderful exhibition showing the works of JMW Turner. If you don’t live near San Francisco I would say to get a book and admire his work. His depictions of light will leave you breathless.
  • If you are dating or looking to improve your current relationships, I recommend you subscribe to Polina’s emails. Out of many emails that spam my inbox, her information is so well-written, helpful, and always hits the nail on the head. Her last one was about “7 red flags that he’s emotionally unavailable” and I could not believe how spot-on she was. I shared the article with a bunch of my girl-friends and they all loved the truths it contained.
  • In this video, Avalaura Beharry briefly explains chakras, reiki, and other basic spiritual concepts that I have always wondered about.
  • July was brewing month. The scobys grew like crazy in my warm dining room. I can now make a new scoby within a week. Wondering what I am talking about? If you tried Kombucha and love it, try making it yourself. Its so easy. I followed these instructions – they are perfect. Just make sure you have plenty of black tea and sugar in your pantry and you are ready to go. I found the best $$ deal of black tea at Whole Foods (their brand).
  • My July Favorite Quote (and I read a lot of quotes on Instagram each day)
    • To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Happy August!




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